Top 5 West Village Stats: Is It Worth The Rent?

by alicia on October 6, 2014

People pay an obscene premium to live in the most coveted neighborhood in the most coveted city in the world. With average rental prices at an all time-high and all of the buildings being insanely small from the beautiful “cozy” pre-war layouts, the question becomes, IS IT WORTH IT?

1. Rodent Sitings

Rodent Sitings


According to AddressReport the West Village has an average of 27 rat sitings around the neighborhood as to a NYC-city-wide average of 18.

2. Noise Complaints

Noise Complaints


Of course it matters as to which part of the West Village you are living in but if you are anywhere near seventh avenue, you are in for some “loud music” and construction noise.

3. Filth Complaints

Filth Complaints


Compared to the rest of the city the West Village is relatively clean… aside from the occasional sewage and hazardous materials complaint.

4. Wealth



The average West Village resident makes about $97,500… well above the national average but surprisingly this hood doesn’t crack the top 10 NYC richest neighborhoods. The wealthiest ‘hood in NYC goes to Tribeca’s honor.

5. Political Affiliations

Political Affiliations


82% of the West Village registered as a Democrat…I wonder which ‘hood is the most Republican? (Upper East Side)

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