Renting in Brooklyn Part 2: 166 Smith Street won’t allow this face?!

by alicia on July 22, 2013

No Pet friendly Apartments in Brooklyn?

Pet Friendly Aparments NYC Rejected and defeated. The new apartment rentalsĀ  at the formerly “fugly” 166 Smith Street (which seem to be only part of a select few rentals in Brooklyn described accurately) initially accepted small dogs are now saying no. After an intense search in 100 degree blazing heat we decided to go for the “new” over market priced rental apartments at 166 Smith Street. They are trying to maintain a feeling of complete “luxury” which entails not allowing dogs for the chance they could bark and interrupt the no-noise bliss of living in Cobble Hill, you know because living above Smith Street is complete quiet.

Pet Friendly Buildings Brooklyn NYC

View from 166 Smith Street


There have been countless articles on how pets are healthy for owners:

  1. 7 Surprising Health Benefits of Dog Ownership
  2. The Health Benefits of Having a Dog
  3. 10 Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

And countless articles in the New York Times, Brickunderground and other real estate outlets about why the fights against pets is a losing battle.

  1. Legally: The “NO PETS” rule is overruled!
  2. How a pet helped sell a home!
  3. Not without my pet.

So many luxury rental apartment companies are pet-friendly:

  1. Related Apartments- The touted best “luxury” even has a pet spa at One Carnegie!
  2. Rose Associates
  3. TF Cornerstone

I know many people suffer allergies (me included of other breeds of dogs and extremely allergic of cats) and not everyone loves pets – but how is my non-aggressive pet going to affect your living experience?


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