111 West 57th, the “slenderist” building in da world.

by alicia on May 7, 2015

Hello my NYC renters, if you’re looking for the skinny on 111 West 57th St., there’s plenty of information available about JDS Development Group and Property Market Group’s newest slenderist-tallest-residential-building-project. The staggering Midtown skyscraper is easily recognizable among a sea of new “iconic” buildings.

111 west 57th street midtown

From the website:

“The architects at SHoP have pulled out all of the stops to create one of the city’s most modern designs, while still incorporating thoughtful pre-war elements to create old-world charm.

With so many interesting new residential condo buildings coming to market over the next several years, what makes this structure so alluring? The secret is 111 West 57th Street’s revolutionary design. The walls were designed much thicker than usual which contributes heavily to the overall structural soundness (not to mention is the main reason that higher up tenants get column free views). The other surprising architectural element is the gigantic steel weight that will be positioned near the peak of the building. You see, this skinny skyscraper needs to gain some weight in order to minimize exposure to wind. Even residents in the highest floors won’t have to worry about swaying, thanks to this thoughtful design.

The ultra narrow, 80-story luxury residential condo building is home to 60 total apartments. For those seeking the sweeping views of Midtown Manhattan and Central Park, 46 of the apartments are located in the building’s tower, which tops off at an unbelievable 1,428 feet. To get a sense of just how insanely tall this is, understand that 111 West 57th Street will best nearby iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler building by more than 200 feet.

Another interesting fact about the 46 tower residences (the other 14 are located in Steinway Hall at the building’s base) is that each apartment is its own floor. The three elevators located inside the buildings lobby take residents directly to their own exclusive floor where they will find a 5,000 square foot apartment with 15-foot ceilings, and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows from which to enjoy those sprawling scenic views.”


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